Pale Rider

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Tasting notes:

Red Apple, Caramel, and Milk Chocolate

Roast level:



Single Origin

Pale Rider

Cutting back on caffeine doesn't mean giving up great coffee, and Pale Rider is the proof of that. This rich Colombian decaf is well balanced with hints of red apple sweetness and chocolate. 

  • Country

  • Region

  • Altitude

    1200-1800 masl
  • Variety

    Bourbon, Castillo, Caturra
  • Process

  • Decaf Method

    Swiss Water Process

About the roaster

Birmingham, AL

Founded by Josh Owen, Emma Chevalier, and Elizabeth Pogue in Alabama in 2014, Revelator captures the friendly spirit of southern hospitality. Inspired by the people and places in their community, Revelator’s welcoming cafes cater to the region's creative talent and quickly became a gathering spot for the local artists. Their sourcing is driven by knowledge, experience, trust, and strong relationships with passionate partners. Revelator sources seasonally and chooses expressive coffees that showcase variety and region.