Decaf Coffee Subscriptions

Choose your favorite roast type and we'll send you 12 oz bags of amazing decaf coffee on your schedule. Found your favorite? You can also subscribe to receive a specific roast on your schedule directly from its  product page.

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Staff Picks

Looking to try something new, or just not sure what your favorite roast is? This is the subscription for you. We'll send you amazing decaf coffee on your schedule so you can explore different roasts, origins, and flavor profiles.

Light Roasts

Characteristic crisp acidity, a mellow body, and a bright flavors. Light roasts retain and highlight most of the origin characteristics of the coffee.


Medium Roasts

Slightly darker and sweeter with balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity. Begins to reach into notes of deep caramel sweetness.

Dark Roasts

Low acidity, heavy body, and a tendency to reveal deeper and darker flavors of the coffee bean. Top tasting notes include chocolatey, smoky, nutty and caramel flavors with occasional notes of spice.