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Tasting notes:

Milk Chocolate, Apple, Jasmine

Roast level:



Single Origin


This cup is a pleasing companion to any time of day. This single origin Mexican coffee is lightly roasted so you can taste all the original and complex flavors of the coffee bean. Roasting is both chemistry and art and this decaf is the result of a perfect combination between the two.

  • Country

  • Region

  • Altitude

    900-1500 masl
  • Variety

    Bourbon, Caturra, Criollo
  • Process

  • Decaf Method

    Swiss Water Process

About the roaster

Seattle, WA

Slate roasts with a philosophy it’s coined as “exposure roasting”. The concept is to roast the coffee beans just long enough to highlight the inherently unique characteristics without roasting over these characteristics. The result is a lighter roast that allows the nuances of the different varietals and regions to come forward. Founded in 2012, Slate’s down to earth family-owned friendliness and vibrant coffees quickly gained it attention and respect in the Seattle coffee scene.