Decaf Colombia San Jose

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Tasting notes:

Milk Chocolate, Cherry, Citrus

Roast level:



Single Origin

Decaf Colombia San Jose

After one year of trials and cuppings, Temple found an amazing blend of Colombian micro-lot coffees to decaffeinate. A decaf for the true coffee aficionado who wants all the micro-lot flavors without the caffeine. Swiss Water Processed, single origin sourced and carefully roasted, this Colombia San Jose Decaf has won over tons of coffee lovers including the professional judges at the Gold Bean Competition. 

  • Country

  • Region

  • Altitude

    1400 masl
  • Variety

  • Process

  • Decaf Method

    Swiss Water Process

About the roaster

Sacramento, CA

After returning home from a lengthy stay in Indonesia, Temple founder and barista Sean Kohmescher opened the first Temple Coffee house in 2005 with a dream of creating a community gathering place much like the temples he visited during his travels. Sourcing directly from origin, they know that every coffee has a unique story and temperament. To highlight this, Temple composes a roast profile for each coffee that showcases the best it has to offer.