Decaf Colombia Planadas

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Tasting notes:

Rich Chocolate, Molasses, Baking Spice

Roast level:



Single Origin

Decaf Colombia Planadas

Need a tasty nightcap without all those evening jitters? This Sugar Cane Processed Decaffeinated Colombia is the perfect solution. With notes of Chocolate, Molasses, and Baking Spice, this will be an evening delight.

  • Country

  • Region

  • Altitude

    1700-1800 masl
  • Variety

    Caturra, Castillo
  • Process

  • Decaf Method

    Sugarcane Process

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Seattle, WA

Broadcast Coffee is known for sourcing high-quality coffee and its careful roasting process. After moving to Seattle and working his way up in a lucrative corporate job, Barry Faught found himself unfulfilled. One day he decided to follow his passion and quit his corporate job to dedicate himself to the coffee roasting game. Now, 10 years later, he is still living his dream job as the owner of Broadcast Coffee, named in honor of his dad's lifelong passion as a radio broadcaster. His secret of making the best cup of coffee? Dedication, experience, and a stellar roasting team with a passion for making amazing coffee.