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Decaf Blackstrap

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Tasting notes:

Maple, Chocolate, Golden Raisin

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Decaf Blackstrap

Decaf Blackstrap is a decaf as dedicated to quality and flavor as you are. Smooth and inviting, this is a rich coffee with deep undertones of caramel, raisin, and warm spices. Brazilian coffees give this blend a light, sweet flavor with substantial presence.

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  • Process

    Natural/Dry Processed
  • Decaf Method

    Swiss Water Process

About the roaster

New York, NY

When opened its first shop in 1996, Irving Farm Coffee Roaster was one of the first shops to offer single-origin and specialty blend coffees in New York City. Since then, Irving Farm has become one of New York's most beloved hometown roasters and a pioneer of equitable and sustainable coffee sourcing. Their green coffee buying program that focuses on direct relationships with farmers, sustainable practices and philosophy of quality over quantity.