Colombia Sugarcane Decaf

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Tasting notes:

Vanilla, Toffee, Plum

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Single Origin

Colombia Sugarcane Decaf

Proudly presented by Airship, this Colombian decaf is decaffeinated with a natural sugar cane process that washes away the caffeine while retaining structure and flavor. This is a coffee lover's decaf.

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    Sugarcane Process

About the roaster

Bentonville, AR

At Airship, their mission is to go above and beyond to elevate coffee and all the lives of those it touches. There are few things that bring more joy than connecting conscious consumers with amazing coffees that were crafted by skilled coffee growers. Through long-term partnerships, Airship brings you coffees that are the product of hard work and ingenuity. Whether it's selecting specific blends or in the case of their delicious Colombia Sugarcane Decaf single-origin coffee, relationship coffee means Airship's approach goes above and beyond merely finding green coffee.